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The Journey Is Easier Without Emotional Baggage

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Mind, Body, and Soul

Do you suffer from aches and pains and the doctors can’t seem to figure out what is causing it? Are you eating right and exercising and yet the weight doesn’t ever seem to go away? Well, there may be something you can’t see…


Attract More Wealth and Prosperity Into Your Life…

Are you a student of the Law of Attraction but you’re still living paycheck to paycheck? Or maybe you’re a business owner or entrepreneur doing everything you’re suppose to do but the phone isn’t ringing? Well, here’s the secret The Secret didn’t tell you…


Living, Not Just Existing…

Whether you are looking for your soul-mate or your soul’s purpose. Happy ever after starts right here…

“Within 4 weeks weeks of working with Ressel to clear my abundance, I closed a deal that put $220,000 in my bank account. Prior to that, I was barely generating $5,000/month”

SY, Los Angeles, CA

“I started working with Ressel to help me with my smoking addiction. After the first session, my desire to smoke was less. After my second session, the thought of smoking was sickening to me. I had tried everything from the patches to hypnotherapy and nothing worked. I still can’t believe that it only took me 2 sessions to stop smoking. I haven’t had a cigarette in over a year!”

SC, Reno, NV

“I want to say thank you very much for releasing the weight off my heart and chest, because I feel so much lighter and less anger or anxiety. I’m actually handling obstacles a lot better than before and I feel more relaxed. You are a miracle worker and I thank God to have met you…”

BT, Anaheim, CA

Living a life of Abundance

Step into your greatness…

There are thousands, if not millions, of books on the Law of Attraction, shifting your mindset, and thinking yourself rich. I know, because I’ve probably read most of them. But for the longest time, I was still broke. How was it that other people were succeeding in life and business but I was still struggling? It just didn’t make sense to me…until I learned about the unconscious mind.

Most people give the unconscious mind little recognition, but it’s quite active. In fact, it makes up 90% of our intelligence. So, it dawned on me…maybe the reason all those books and learnings didn’t work for me was because I was using my conscious mind rather than my unconscious.

We’ve all experienced some level of trauma in our lives. Some greater than others. However, the way we process those emotions can have a direct correlation with how our life unfolds after a traumatic event.

Emotions are nothing more than energy that vibrate at certain frequencies, like everything else in the universe. If we don’t properly process those emotions fully and immediately, we can be left feeling stuck, ineffective and even lost. Worse yet, those energies can actually get trapped in our body and cause emotional and physical pain. Thus creating, trapped emotions or what I like to call, “Emotional Baggage”…

When we have these trapped energies, it distorts our energy field and lowers our vibration. If you are feeling emotions of Fear, Insecurity or Anxiety then you would attract situations that make you more fearful, insecure or anxious. Happiness and prosperity run at very high frequencies, so if you are bogged down with negative emotions, then attracting the good things in life will become almost impossible. Or if it does happen, it will be fleeting.

It’s time to start unpacking those years of emotional baggage and start living the life of your dreams. Give yourself permission to shine your light and step into your greatness… You’re worth it!

How Does It Work?

Follow These Steps

First, click the “I’m Ready” button to receive your complimentary Exploratory Session with me.

Next, show up to the call so that we can get crystal clear on your goals and uncover any hidden blocks that may be sabotaging your success and happiness.

Finally, work 1:1 with me so that together we can begin creating the life of your dreams.

How Much Will This Cost?

Consider This…

What has it cost you so far?

How much have you invested in programs that will help shift your mindset? Perhaps you even hired a business coach to show you how to do it the right way. How many self-help seminars or workshops have you attended and you walk away feeling great and days later, you go back to your ways.

Don’t get me wrong, all those things are great. I’ve even invested in them myself. But the problem is, if your unconscious mind doesn’t feel congruent with your goals then no matter how many times a day you speak your mantra, it’s not gonna happen.

“So, how do we get our conscious mind aligned with our sub conscious mind?” you ask…

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Meet Your Healer

Ressel Yu

Body Code Certified Quantum Healer and the founder of the Abundance Center. Her passion is to assist others in finding their happiness and success through shifting old paradigms and limiting beliefs. She believes that LOVE is the most powerful emotion on earth and it has the ability to “move mountains” and to heal what is scientifically deemed un-healable…